Salman Khan is most often in the news for its unique status than assessing his films. The media always wants to know who and when to marry and Salman comes back with spiritual answers such as “I am a virgin”, leaving the world stunned. So here is a look hearthrob who is forever the story of 16 dating and friend !!!

1. Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani

This is how back in the 1980s, when Sangeeta wonderful just won Miss India. Sallu Miya was beaten and have dated for several years before parting ways.

2. Salman Khan and Somy

Top 10 Girlfriends of Salman Khan Till 2016

One of his early loves, Somy proved to be more than a brief interlude, with them being good friends today. She knew him as a young girl of 19 in 1993 and dated for a while before the alleged concerns about consumer habits and obsessive Salman is rumored to have caused the rupture.


3. Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai

Among the most discussed romances Bollywood, Salman and Aishwarya is said to have started dating on Hum Dil De Chuke sets Sanam. Sallu Miya Miss World won the heart with her beauty and grace. However, the rumors about him being abusive to the surface as a possible reason for their ugly break-up in 2002.

Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai

4. Salman Khan And Sneha Ullal

Top 10 Girlfriends of Salman Khan Till 2016
Top 10 Girlfriends of Salman Khan Till 2016

Well, we are unsure as to what Salman’s exes choose to overcome in his life by replacing them with look alikes, but this is where the trend began. In 2005, Sneha Ullal presented Salman, Aishwarya looks as lucky in his film. The spark did not seem to last long though!

5. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif

Top 10 Girlfriends of Salman Khan Till 2016

It considered the last of his serious relationship, Salman and Katrina dated for several years and has caused quite a stir when they broke up in 2010. The two friends, despite reportedly remains an ugly break.

6. Salman Khan and Claudia Ciesla

Top 10 Girlfriends of Salman Khan Till 2016

The German model has created quite a stir when she was spotted hanging out with Salman Khan at events and public appearances. Things took a new turn when she announced that she was a pretty girl that he was happy to introduce to his family! However, things seem to go from there.

7. Salman Khan and Zareen Khan

Salman Khan and Zareen Khan

Salman continued his penchant for finding a woman who looked like his former girfliend and this time was Zareena Khan, who introduced his film Veer. The two of them were seen together on several occasions and insisted on remaining good friends. Her career has not taken despite help!

8. Salman Khan and Mahek Chahel

Salman Khan and Mahek Chahel

Vine was flooded with Salman sharing his lips more than a friendly note with Mahek Chahel when expressed openly he was biased towards her on his show Bigg Boss.

9. Salman Khan and Daisy Shah

Top 10 Girlfriends of Salman Khan Till 2016

Suddenly Salman introduced the female lead dancer and choreographer’s film Jai Ho sparking talk of an alleged romantic involvement.

10. Salman Khan and Iulia Vântur

Top 10 Girlfriends of Salman Khan Till 2016

The latest link-ups involving Salman Khan is that of the Romanian model, actor and anchor Iulia Vântur. Interestingly and exclusive journeys made in the country just to spend time with Salman and they seem to look happy together, it is related to a happier place!? Only time will tell!


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