Automatically publish to several Facebook groups using Gmail At once in 2017 [Script unnecessary]

How To Post To All Facebook Groups In One Click – 2017. Facebook is the number one and social media platform to promote more powerful communication for bloggers, advertisers, internet marketing experts, brand your business. Once you post an article on your blog or website, you need to share with the public to share traffic.

If you do not expose your last publication to social media, like others about your release. Facebook groups are the first and best way to expose your new publication. When Facebook has a large number of users, you can share a good amount of traffic to your blog to share their publishing in Facebook groups.

Are you a blogger, internet marketing, etc? I hope that you join many groups of Facebook and other blogs in your niche. But, if you share your posts on Facebook all groups manually, you eat a lot of precious time.

post to all facebook groups in one click

Today, I will share my personal method of publishing several Facebook groups at the same time. This means that you can share your latest publication or publication in several groups on Facebook, which can be 10, 20, 50, or more than 100 in just 10 seconds. The meaning of this trick Facebook car poster is interesting is that you do not need PostScript or auto websites, it is quite formal and free.

I wish to save your time data and valuable internet in the navigation of these groups differently consumed. Here are the tips presented in several groups without having to publish scripts or codes.

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How to Auto-split your publication into multiple Facebook groups:

Both processes must publish in all groups of Facebook without Script.

Collecting email addresses from groups Fb: This step is not easy, but not hard. It’s a little time, but the process once.

Posting into Multiple FB Groups: This process must be continued if you want to share your publications in these groups.

# To collect groups of e-mail fb:

First, you must have a user list of all the Facebook groups where you want to share your publication.

Open a group in your browser and collect the username of the URL. See the example of the URL of

my Fb group, which is created for my other blog, which is

If the Group URL is

Then his need to collect the user name “top10best“.

Many Facebook groups will join your niche and add the username of all groups of Facebook to

Notepad or any other text editor (where you want to publish).

Once you have made a user list, you need to create the e-mail address of these groups in your users, do not worry too easy. Just add @ to the user name that looks like email below.

Now you have a list of e-mail address, the Fb groups, separated by a comma (,) only

Trick # publish several Facebook groups:

The main work / stuntman starts here.

login to your e-mail / Gmail that you use to create your Facebook account or is currently configured

as the main e-mail in your FB account.

Then, click the compose E-Mail option.

In the BCC field, add all the e-mail addresses that you collected in the previous steps.

Now enter your e-mail text / message, links, etc., you can put on these groups, and finally, click the

Send button. You finished.

Now go to one of these groups of Facebook, you’ll find that your publication has been successfully published.

Concluding thoughts:

Alternatively, you can also use AutoPoster script code, which allows you to publish your publication in all of Facebook’s groups. But I do not recommend using them because some security problems may get red flag or sometimes banned to use this script, and can not publish anything in a group banned time.

Here I have shared the best method, you can call it “official way to share news to different Facebook groups in a single click“, no script code with Gmail only. I hope you like. Share your comments in the comments.



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