How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)

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How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)

How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)
How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)

Needless to say, Facebook is rather the largest social networking platform. It is used not only to stay connected with people, but she became a hub for internet advertising. Many brands and businesses use Facebook groups and pages to get customers’ attention. Facebook pages are rather a tool for brands and businesses to connect to their clients. Therefore, there is a lot of pages on Facebook that people like and follow. These pages are managed by admins who have the right to control and publish content page. If you are fighting for Facebook like then read our guide on how to grow likes on Facebook. Sometimes more than one page admins. If these pages are the same purpose, admins would rather merge pages together to engage the public more. In this way, admins can combine likes and check the sites of both pages into one page of Facebook. This reduces labor management. Therefore, to help admins merge their Facebook pages, we here have everything you need to know about how to merge Facebook page. We have provided all necessary information and also simple steps to merge Facebook page.

How To Merge Pages on Facebook. ?


Preparation for Merging Facebook page.

Facebook merging only those pages that have similar names and seem to represent the same thing. It is therefore important to make some changes in your pages before they merge.

Change page names the same. If the same is not possible, then make them as similar as possible. For example trick tricks safe and secure both are almost similar as possible to merge.

Also, update the section on similar information. This can probably be your website address and description.

Note: You probably would like to merge page with the likes less with more. Therefore, it should be notes that the merged page content will be completely destroyed. So, before you start the process, rather we advise you to download all photos and important things that you need

Part 1: – Steps To Merge Facebook pages with similar names.

Follow these simple steps below to fuse together pages on Facebook:

Step 1. Go to the URL:

How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)
How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)

Step 2. Next, choose the two pages that you want to merge.

How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)
How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)

Step 3. Click “Merge Pages”.

How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)
How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)

Therefore, now will end with one page of Facebook, combined with the appreciation and the number of records.

Part 2: – Steps To Merge Facebook pages with different names.

According to political Facebook pages we can only merge Facebook pages with similar names. So if you try to merge pages with different names. Then you need to do some changes.

Suppose we have two different names pages, the first name is safe tricks and 2 is for Pahul Singh. Now, suppose I want to merge Pahul Singh tricks safe.

Then we need to change the page name Pahul Singh tricks safe. For a better understanding if the page name too much different then change the name in 2 or 3 processes.

In the first application  Md Mokter Hossain => Top 10 Best Md Mokter Hossain

In the second application  Top 10 Best Md Mokter Hossain => Top 10 Best

We adjust these applications after changing his name to our name and similarity.

If you want to change Facebook page name Date Follow the guide below.

Part 3 – “The pages can not be merged” Error Solution.

How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)
How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)
People may face the error

while merging pages. This error occurs when the page of Facebook recognizes that try merging more than 5 or 6 pages. Then Facebook restricts automatic merging. Therefore, to resolve this error, you can try two methods.

Below are provided methods to solve the “page can not be combined” error.

Method 1: – Reduction of total pages Merging

If you want to merge Facebook page at huge, then you can follow the instructions below.

The best way to combine multiple pages of Facebook pages that pair up with a similar number of Facebook likes in a turn. For example, 10k likes two pages can be merged together. Then, the resulting page is like 20k. That page can be merged with another page with 20k appreciated, and so on.

Method 2: – Call joint Facebook page with the error.

The following method is very effective in eliminating errors “pages can not be merged.” Therefore, this is a premium method.

How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)
How To Merge Pages On Facebook – 2017 (Working Tricks)

This method requires rather manually merge Facebook pages to fill. I gave the link to the form below. However, it is not very easy.


Note: – The form given above is not publicly available. His account available only to a few. To access this form you need to perform small tasks. I did this just to reduce false application form. I explained the whole process in the document file that will receive the link above.

Part 4: – Step to merge into Big Small Facebook page?

If you want merge page with more or less like 0 like page. Then it is necessary to transport them to any other way. Facebook application form given above.

In conclusion, we hope that this simple guide on how to merge the Facebook page will help you. We do our best to explain the processes and methods related to joint Facebook page. For any assistance or query, feel free to write in the comments below.


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