How to mention / tag all friends on Facebook Comments at once

How to mention / tag all friends on Facebook Comments at once

How to mention / tag all friends on Facebook Comments at once

tag all friends on Facebook : Facebook is the most popular social media platform. We enjoy our free time using Facebook Where we share our ideas, points of view and other moments of the day to day. Facebook users share photos, status, videos with our Facebook friends. We all have many friends on Facebook. We have even joined groups, events and pages of tastes. With the combination of all these things. We regularly receive hundreds of updates in your own news feed. In the same way our friends do too. Facebook has complex algorithms that hide the invisible post. Even hide messages from friends who are not so frequent on Facebook. That’s why our Facebook users do not show interest in our posts. Just because our post was not able to arrive accurately.

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In that situation we all prefer to mark our close friends. To receive notification of our update. Then they will interact within their own post. But to tag all friends on Facebook. We all have proper name friends one by one. To do this task in simple we only need to execute short code. It automatically mentions all Facebook friends in the comment. If you want to know how to bookmark all friends in Facebook comments at once. Just follow the following method to tag all Facebook friends.

How to bookmark all friends on Facebook Comments At Once.

Note: – This script is only able to mention friends in text state. It will not work on the photo post.

1. First of all you need to open your Facebook account. Then the particular state where your desire to mention or tag all the friends in Facebook comments.

2. Next, open the tag publishing in a new tab or in your browser so that it is only visible.

3. Open below the given script and copy to paste all the code.

View Script

4. After copying all the code, return to the tab where the state is open.

5. Then click the F12 button and the Inspection Item box will begin to appear.

How to mention / tag all friends on Facebook Comments at once

How to mention / tag all friends on Facebook Comments at once

6. Switch to the console tab and paste all the codes we copied from above.

7. After Paste Code on the console press enter. Now wait a few seconds all your friends get an automatic tag on Facebook comments.

Note: – For Firefox users, sometimes the browser can block this script. In case it does not work, then check the place of protection before HTTPS. If it is message block display, then allow it and again try the whole process to label all friends.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoy these incredible tricks on how to tag all friends in Facebook comments at once. If the above code does not work, please let us know in comments or if you have any better way to mention all friends. Then let us know that we will appreciate it.


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