How to Make Money Online with Amazon CPM Ads

Make Money Online with Amazon CPM Ads : We recently talked about Amazon’s CPM ads, which appear to have not been officially announced. We tried to look everywhere, but did not get effective resources to find the same thing. First of all, CPM ads are those in which you are paid for printing the page, not the CPC base just like Google adsense. CPM stands for Cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The good thing about Amazon CPM ads is that they allow us to determine our target CPM.

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Not like other networks, they determine the page impression and CPM rate the next day and you think you need to work harder to earn $ 100 a month using CPM networks. You can set your own required CPM and Amazon CPM will display ads with CPM you’ve requested.

How to Make Money Online with Amazon CPM Ads

How to Make Money Online with Amazon CPM Ads

I have personally tried the Amazon CPM ads, which have worked very well for me. Personally, I was using Yahoo ads before that, I was paying around 1-2 USD per day. No more than that ever. I’ve switched Yahoo ads to Amazon CPM ads just for testing purposes and got results I never expected.

Make money online with Amazon CPM ads

First, go to Amazon CPM ads and select Create new ad code from there.
Choose from an available ad unit of 300 × 250,160 × 600,300 × 600, 728 × 90
Define the target CPM (your expected amount)
Add passing ad code (I’d recommend you make more money when your desired CPM ads are not available, you can show ads from the existing ad network)
If you’d like to track your CPM ads using the analytics provider, check that box and enter the analysis tracking pixel code and create the code.
In the sidebar, you would see the code of the Amazon CPM ads created, copy it and paste it into your blog wherever you show it.
Now wait a day, I’ve noticed that it updates every hour or two. Not real time like Google adsense, so you need to wait a few hours to check the report of your Amazon CPM winning ads. See more information on how to guide our blog.

How will I receive payment for Amazon CPM ads:

This may be the next question after implementing the Amazon CPM ad code on your blog. Well, here’s the official guide to Amazon CPM ads that explains how you would get your Amazon CPM ads.

The method of payment for Amazon CPM ads is the same method of payment as the one you have chosen for program revenue from other partners. However, you’ll get a separate payment for Amazon CPM ads earnings. The payment cycle for Amazon CPM ads is 60 days after the end of the month. If you are already affiliated with Amazon, you would receive two separate payments. One is for your amazon affiliate win and another is for your Amazon CPM winning ads.

In my personal opinion, Amazon’s CPM advertising networks would be the best CPM advertising because it allows you to set CPM destination so that the blogger can easily know their revenue potential by their daily visitors to your blog.

One more thing, why other bloggers, including you, can not see the Amazon CPM ads to set up on your blog. Because Amazon CPM ads are currently only currently available by invitation.

How can I get the Amazon CPM Ads Invitation:

Well, right now I was officially invited by the Amazon CPM network, I am not able to see anything so I can invite other peoples. I think, Amazon sends the invitation to Amazon affiliates who are making more than $ 100 per month. I am amazon affiliate and earn more than that from amazon affiliate programs. I believe that if you are amazon affiliate and did not receive any invitation from Amazon CPM ads, you should wait until it is officially announced.

How to get paid from Amazon

They are paying monthly, once you reach the minimum payment. If you live in the United States, you can receive payment by direct bank transfer. If you live outside the US You will receive a check. They have no direct bank transfer facility for publishers living outside the US. But you can use Payoneer to receive payments directly to your bank account. Here is how to get paid using Payoneer.



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