Facebook Settings Instant Articles for WordPress

Have you heard of Facebook Instant Articles? Need to add Facebook Instant articles to your WordPress site? During this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll explain the pros and cons of Facebook Instant Articles as well as show you how to simply set up Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress.

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What is Facebook instant articles?

Facebook Settings Instant Articles for WordPress

Facebook Settings Instant Articles for WordPress

Instant Articles is a Facebook feature that allows you to upload your content ten times faster by using a custom mobile format. It is based on a similar technology used in Facebook applications for mobile devices. Instant articles load up to 10 times faster than normal web content. This incredible speed increase provides a better user experience for mobile users.

Many popular media sites like BuzzFeed, TechCrunch, Mashable, and countless others are using it on their websites. You’ll simply see instant articles in your Facebook feed using the lightning icon.

Pros And Cons Of Facebook Instant Articles

Like everything else, there are some benefits and drawbacks of using instant articles on your website.

Pros of using Facebook instant articles

Faster loading time means a significant improvement in the user experience.

Due to speed, users are likely to share their content.

Access to monetization options through the Facebook Audience Network.

Increased the reach of the Facebook page.

Facebook’s large user base will bring new wave of traffic to your website.

Cons of using Facebook Instant Articles

Users will not see their sidebars. It will hide its useful widgets, forms of lists of electronic mail and everything else that does not form part of the article.

You may witness a call advertising income, such as instant Facebook articles limited to advertisers as well as the number of ads that will show in an article.

You can use some photos and videos in your article, however the immediate articles of Facebook can limit that in addition.

Most short codes, custom fields and other WordPress options will not be displayed in your articles.
Considering the pros and cons of using Facebook Instant Articles, it is a combination of stock market for publishers. It really depends on the type of content you produce and your business goals.

If you are a media website then it is smart to add it. If you are a business website then you should not be a huge difference maker.

What do you need to enable instant Facebook articles in WordPress?

There are many requirements for setting up Facebook Instant articles on your WordPress website. You want to:

Facebook page for your WordPress website.
Application of Facebook page.
At least 10 or more articles on your website.
Instant articles for WP plugin.
That said, let’s start by applying for Facebook Instant Articles.

Sign up for Facebook Instant articles

First you need to visit the immediate articles website of Facebook and click on the login button to get started.

Facebook can ask you to select a page. Here you want to select the Facebook page for your website.
After you check the box to agree to the terms of the instant articles, click the “Access Instant Articles Tools” button.

This will take you to the editor tools on your Facebook page, which can now have an instant articles section.

First, you need to demonstrate ownership of your website by claiming your URL.

Scroll down a bit to the Tools section of the page and click the “Claim your URL” button to expand it. Facebook can display a snippet of code.

You need to copy the code and insert it into the <head> section of your WordPress website.
There are 2 ways to add this code to your website.

You can edit the header.php file in your sub-theme and paste the code simply before the <head> tag.
Once you’ve added the code to your website, you should go back to the editor tools section of your Facebook page.

Add the URL of your website below the code you copied earlier and then click the Claim URL button.
The next step is to add an instant RSS article to your website. Here is however that you will generate an instant feed article for your WordPress website.

Simply install and activate instant articles for the WP plugin. After activation, the add-in can generate an instant article feed for your WordPress website.

You can find the feed by adding / feed / instant articles after the URL of your site, like this:


Copy your instant article feed URL and return to the publishing tool section of your Facebook page. Scroll down to the Tools section and click ‘Produce RSS Feed‘ to expand it. Paste your instant articles feed URL and click the Save button. Facebook will show you a success message in which your feed is added.

Set up Facebook Plugin Instant Articles for WordPress

In the previous step we installed instant articles for WP plugin to get the RSS feed of instant articles. You now need to configure the rest of the add-on settings. You will notice that when you activated the plugin you added a new menu item in your WordPress management bar called “Instant articles”. Clicking on it can lead to the add-in settings page.

This plugin needs an application ID and secret keys for activation. You’ll need to create a Facebook application for your page to get those keys. Let’s look at how you’re going to do this.

Creating a Facebook application for your page

First, you need to go to the Facebook Developer website. Click the drop-down menu next to the My Apps menu in the upper right corner of the screen next to your profile photo.

This will display a popup on the screen. You need to click on the website.

This will take you to a quick setup wizard. You need to enter a name for your Facebook application. This could be anything that will help you identify the application.

Click the “Create New Facebook App ID” button to continue.

A new popup window may appear asking you to provide a contact email address and choose a category for your application.

Enter an email address and select Apps for Pages as the application category.

Click the Create Application ID button to continue.

The popup may disappear and Facebook will create an application for you. On the quick start page, you’ll see new information on how to use the application.

Just scroll a bit to the “Tell us about your website” section.

Enter your WordPress website address here and click the button below to continue.

Although Facebook is showing you that there are additional steps in the setup wizard, however, that’s all the information you need to log in.

Now you can click the “Quick Start jump” button in the upper right corner of the page.

You will be redirected to the panel of the new application created. You will be able to see your application ID and to see your secret application key, you must click the “Show” button.
Before copying these keys, you must first make your application available to the public and the public.

Click the “App Review” link in the menu on the left.

In the next screen, you will see that your application is in development mode. Click the switch to change it to “Yes” and make your application live.

Now click on the control panel link in the left column to return to the application panel. Copy your application ID and secret keys.

Go back to the configuration page of your instant articles for WP plugins on your WordPress website and paste your application and secret ID keys there.
Click the button below to continue.

The plug-in configuration page can now show you a login button with Facebook.
This will take you to Facebook and you will be asked to grant the permission of the application to access your profile information.

After giving permissions, you will be redirected back to your WordPress website. Click the “Select Page” drop-down menu to select your Facebook page.

Your WordPress website is now ready for instant articles. There are still 2 additional steps left.

Style and branding settings for your instant articles

Visit your Facebook page and the administration bar and click Publish Tools. In the menu on the left, click ‘Configuration‘ under Instant articles.

Scroll down to the Tools section, and then click the style tab to expand it. Facebook has already added a default style for your website. Click the default style to customize it. This can open a popup wherever you upload your web site logo. Facebook needs images with a minimum of 690 x 132 pixels. Once the logo is loaded, click Save and then click Done.

Submit your instant articles feed for review

Before submitting your instant articles feed for review, you should make sure that you only have at least 10 items in your instant articles feed. If you have already published more than 10 articles on your website, but the feed does not show all of them, you must edit the last 10 articles and click easily on the update button.

Once you are sure that you have 10 items in your instant articles feed, you can now send it to Facebook for review. Go to your Facebook page and click Publishing Tools on the administration bar. After that click on the “Settings” link in Instant Articles in the left menu.

Look for “Step 2: Submit for review” on the setup page. If there are no errors with your Instant Articles feed, you’ll see a “Submit for Review” button. Go ahead and click this button to submit your feed for review.

That’s it, instant articles may be available for your website once the Facebook team has reviewed and approved your feed.


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